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By: A clean energy future for whom? | Inside Story Wed, 13 Jul 2011 01:36:46 +0000 [...] In the package of complimentary measures, however, it is the Greens that have emerged ascendant. With a $10 billion clean energy investment corporation, a new agency to administer $3.2 billion worth of renewable energy grants, funding for a negotiated closure of 2 gigawatts of the dirtiest power plants, and a prohibition on using any of these agreed funds for Carbon Capture and Storage projects, the Greens have peeled back the coal industry’s fig leaf and tipped the balance of low-emissions technology development in favour of renewables. [...]

By: Doug Evans Tue, 12 Jul 2011 23:08:37 +0000 The piece might have been more accurately called “Government forced to concede carbon price is no silver bullet”. I don’t think there has been any flash of understanding by the Gillard government here – just pragmatic acknowledgement of what was necessary to get agreement for their package. I like the idea that the government now needs to develop a comprehensive new industry policy to service the new clean energy economy. However I doubt we will get anything so orderly and sensible. We certainly have the expertise and creative ability to develop our own substantial clean energy manufacturing base. This would be a wonderful outcome. However the message of history (a deeply ingrained legacy of our colonial origins) is that, assuming we are still able to afford it, we will probably choose to buy our green hardware from someone else.

By: rogerthesurf Tue, 12 Jul 2011 05:57:05 +0000 Do you think that ARENA and CEFC will be funded by this new tax or will there need to be extra taxation to fund thes new government agencies?

Personally I believe that you Australians will be crazy to let your government get away with this excuse for raising taxation.

Here is what I said in a previous comment which may be relevant.

“Someone said “I support a carbon tax in which the 500 biggest polluters in Australia have to pay for the cost of their pollution, reflecting their impact on our environment.”"

And my answer was

“Let me give you a brief lesson on basic economics:-

Whether or not you think that the life giving gas CO2 is a pollutant, please be assured that the 500 biggest polluters in Australia will never actually pay a cent of tax, carbon or otherwise.
You seem to forget that these 500 companies supply goods and services in some way to you. In otherwords, although it may be vicariously through a train of manufacture – wholesaler/distributor and retail ultimately the end user, thats you and me pay the taxation for these companies in the price we pay for their services. Especially when it is an across the board tax like this one.
For instance, you may notice the price of fuel and food going up. That will be you paying the carbon tax. Even if you are elligible for the tax break threshold the government will need to make up that tax somewhere else, and probably create a new government department to deal with it. Where will they get this tax from? Well lets think? Print money? Well I can assure you they wont do too much of that, because inflation is not a good idea. Well they will tax rich people and companies probably owned by those rich people more. So who will pay for that? Yup you guessed it. You and I.
Isn’t that just crap?
Australians should run around after that funny lady and wave banners saying “tax us please, we love tax, we will always vote for you if you tax us more etc”"

Did you hear anyone describe how the tax will effect CO2 emission (as if they are a problem)? Nope because the tax will do nothing, just another excuse to waste everyones money.
I my country we have an ETS. The leader of the opposition is already talking about how he will spend the proceeds of it.

BTW in case you don’t know it, cash from an ETS system is supposed to be spent on planting trees and buying carbon credits etc. The government supposedly should have no claim to the proceeds.”

Just imagine what the economy will be like when your government screws things down in order to attain the 60% decrease in CO2 emissions as demanded by the IPCC!

Worse still, there is still no scientific proof for the unproven “Anthropogenic CO2 causes Global Warming” hypothesis and so the whole thing is absolutely crazy anyway.