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Published by the Breakthrough Generation.

In his book, China Inc.: How the Rise of the Next Superpower Challenges America and the World, Tim Fishman explores the rise of China and highlights areas where the Chinese have out-competed, are gaining ground, or seek to out-compete US industries. When we consider the recent developments, including China’s investment in clean energy from ‘green’ stimulus measures exceeding that of the US, and enacting fuel efficiency standards beyond those recently approved by Congress, it seems this could represent an emerging trend.

While Fishman acknowledges that ‘[t]he ability of American industry to stay ahead of its competition rests on the national gifts and resources that the United States devotes to innovation’, he warns that the innovation gap is ‘beginning to narrow’.

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Published by the Breakthrough Generation.

A few weeks ago, the editors of The New Republic published ‘Nudge-ocracy’—an article discussing the Obama Administration’s early decisions and what these reveal about the Administration’s governing philosophy. The Obama Administration is still in its infancy and it’s too early to draw concrete conclusions about the Administrations approach. Nonetheless, Foer and Scheiber’s article provides a useful interpretive framework for the Administration’s climate and energy policy agenda.

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Published by The Breakthrough Institute, a progressive think tank based in Oakland, California.

Just one week after it bowed to political pressure and delayed the implementation of a national emissions trading scheme, the Australian Government has announced plans to invest billions of dollars in renewable energy.

While the Rudd Government’s 2009-10 budget is by no means groundbreaking in terms of climate change and energy, it still allocates substantial cash for worthy renewable energy projects. To add much needed renewable energy to the national grid, there is $1.5 billion to build up to four large-scale solar thermal power plants. This is supported by $465 million to establish ‘Renewables Australia’, a new body to spearhead renewable energy research, development, and deployment in Australia.

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