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Co-authored with Johanna Peace and published by the Breakthrough Institute.

Steven ChuIn a speech yesterday at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, energy secretary Steven Chu again repeated his declaration that nothing less than a technological “revolution” is necessary to meet America’s energy challenge and to ensure the US position as a leading global economic power.

Speaking alongside Congressman Ed Markey, Chu told his audience that future US prosperity depends upon widely deploying renewable energy, developing carbon capture and storage capabilities, and increasing energy efficiency–but most importantly, it depends upon becoming a leading innovator in clean energy technologies.

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Published by the Breakthrough Generation.

A few weeks ago, the editors of The New Republic published ‘Nudge-ocracy’—an article discussing the Obama Administration’s early decisions and what these reveal about the Administration’s governing philosophy. The Obama Administration is still in its infancy and it’s too early to draw concrete conclusions about the Administrations approach. Nonetheless, Foer and Scheiber’s article provides a useful interpretive framework for the Administration’s climate and energy policy agenda.

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